Senior Pastor Search

North Bible Church is in the process of selecting our future senior pastor. It is with great expectation and joy as we celebrate the tenure of Pastor Larry and Gina Anderson as they transition to their next season serving the Lord and we welcome the candidate that will lead North moving forward. A committee has been formed by the Elder Board and is currently working and praying to discover who God is calling to North as senior pastor. We believe that the Lord already knows who this person is, and invite you all to pray for and support this process as we embark on this journey together.

Letter From Pastor Larry:


May 2018
Dear North Family,
It is hard to imagine that we planted North Bible Church ten years ago. For four years prior to that North was a campus of Scottsdale Bible Church so in all, we have been part of North for fourteen years. It is amazing how fast time flies.
Gina and I consider it one of the great blessings in our lives to have served with you all this time. I know some of you have heard rumors that we are retiring soon so I would like to clear up any confusion. I turned sixty-five years old this month and while I feel great and still love what I do, it felt prudent to develop a succession plan. It has always been my conviction that everyone needs a plan. Gina and I along with the staff and elders have been working this through with the idea that I would step aside as senior pastor in the next twelve to eighteen months.
At the decade mark of our church, I think it is important to evaluate where we are and consider where we want to go in the future.  It is the natural course of things. You will see some additional changes in the weeks and months ahead as we take an in depth look at all of our ministries and position ourselves for a more productive ministry in the next decade.
I want you to know that no one has asked us to step aside and Gina and I really do love what we do. It is my conviction that a good succession plan and healthy transfer of leadership serve you and all our North family best.  That is why I requested the elders and staff to begin succession planning for my transition. I don’t typically call this “retirement” because we plan to stay involved in ministry and serving Christ’s kingdom, but you can use any term you are most comfortable with.
Finally, this isn’t a goodbye. It is simply to share our heart and the process we have asked the elders to start.
We love you all.