Our Staff


  Dr. Larry Anderson                                        
Senior Pastor                                                   


Gina and I are deeply grateful for the privilege of serving on the team at North Bible. We have been married for 42 years and grateful for our three sons, Caleb, Josh, and Aaron, their wives, Hilary, Kimberly and Amber and our nine amazing grandkids. I have a Masters in Theology and a Doctorate of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. I continue to teach two classes for Fuller serving younger pastors and leaders. In addition, I currently serve as the chairman for the Board of Trustees at Arizona Christian University. Gina and I started our ministry career with Young Life International and left as Senior Vice President in 2004. Later that year we moved back to Arizona to serve at Scottsdale Bible Church and North. We love this church and the team we serve with. 


Aaron Anderson                                         
Minister of Worship                                                   


wes-web   Wes Buchanan                                         
Pastor of Men/Outreach                                                

As one of the pastors at North Bible Church, it’s a privilege for my family (wife and four kids) to be part of this community. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of North since the inception in late 2003. I grew up in the Midwest and East coast and did my undergrad at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. I then got my masters at Phoenix Seminary. If I had a day to do whatever I wanted my choices would include hiking, yummy food, watching ESPN, time with my wife of almost 15 years and hanging with my kids (ages 8-18). Another way I like to spend my time is sitting down with students, parents, friends or perfect strangers for coffee and sharing openly about life’s struggles, joys and what God is teaching us. On that note, send me an email or just ask me to hang out, I’ll even let you pay for my coffee ;-)

adam-web   Adam Knight                                       
Pastor of Middle School                   

My wife Kayla and I moved to Arizona as newlyweds in the summer of 2013, when the Middle School Ministry (MSM) was officially launched at North. I was born and raised in Ohio, and am a loyal Buckeye and Cincinnati Reds fan (I “saw” Tom Browning pitch a perfect game in 1988 as a one-year old). I also jumped on the Vegas Golden Knights bandwagon, since they have the greatest mascot name in all of sport. I heard Laurel, saw a blue and black dress, and believe a hot dog is a sandwich. One of the perks of Middle School Ministry is all the pizza and Mountain Dew I could ever want. In between ministry at North and studying at Phoenix Seminary, I love being at home with my wife and two kids (Violet and Emerson), watching Netflix, playing board games, and reading a good book.

kirsten-web   Kirsten Snarey                                         
Director of Women's Ministry/Community Groups             ksnarey@northbible.com

I’ve been married to Scott for over 25 years. We’ve had the joy of raising our 2 kids, Janelle (20) and Austin (12) through the challenges and fun that come with each stage of parenting! I love hiking and running because I love cooking and baking! I’ve been involved in ministry since I was in high school when I worked with junior high girls. I have a desire to connect people to each other and the Lord. I’m entering my final year at Phoenix Seminary, enjoying the challenge of being a student again and hope to never stop learning and growing in my knowledge of the Lord.

sharon-web   Sharon Smith
Office Manager

I serve as the office manager and gate keeper for the North staff and family – a job I love as it is all about the people and being organized! My job is to support the team....but really I do just about anything and everything from hosting our Annual Chili Cook Off to doing wash to holding all the sweet babies that come to church every Sunday! I guess that's why many times they refer to me as the Team Mom. Married to Benn (yep, that's with two n's) and we have two young adult daughters. I love to cook and try new recipes, and being outside doing whatever - as much as this redheaded complexion will let me.  

christa-web   Christa Coe
Director of Children's Ministry

I grew up in Phoenix and Prescott AZ, graduated from Grand Canyon University and married the tallest guy I could find! Yep, he's 6'5 and I'm barely 5 feet, (I have to stand on a chair to give him a real kiss!). We have 5 children (ranging from high school to college age) who keep us on our toes and on our knees! I love history, bugs, nature walks, all things old fashioned and true, I can usually fix just about anything with duct tape or glue, and I love to mentor young girls!!! I love being the children's Director of K-5th because I believe these are formative years and they are precious sponges! 

kayla-web   Kayla Knight                                        
Director of Preschool   

My family is my life…I met my husband, Adam in 2011 at a church in Northern Indiana where I grew up. Playing the role of Joseph and Mary in a live nativity walk is where we started our relationship and our partnership in ministry. We now have 2 beautiful & busy kids, Violet & Emerson. Together we enjoy playing board games and having movie nights in as a family. Apart from my family you can find me getting lost at any Target with a vanilla latte in hand. Yes, I’m “basic”. I grew up in a church but started walking with Jesus when I was 22. At that point all I wanted to do with my free time was volunteer as a preschool teacher. Every Sunday I am with preschoolers they remind me of the childlike faith my heavenly father wants me to have and that’s where I find my joy.

sheree-web2   Sheree Campbell
Director of Hospitality & Events

I’ve been married to my friend and Buddy for 30 years (seriously, his name is Buddy). We have lived in Arizona forever, have 3 young adult boys, and seem to always have a houseful of boys doing boy stuff i.e. football, basketball, golf, video games and of course FOOD! I’ve had a sweet relationship with the Lord for more than 40 years now and graduated from Grand Canyon University long before it was a COOL place to be! As the Director of Hospitality and Events I get to work with a bunch of creative and friendly people! I’m always looking for a reason to turn anything into a party!! And people often ask me to use my inside voice, to which I reply, “I am!”

john williamason   John Williamson
High School Minister

I moved to Arizona to attend Grand Canyon University in 2011. During my time there I graduated with my degree in Christian Studies w/ an emphasis in Youth Ministry, met and married my best friend Lyndsey, and began serving the Scottsdale area youth as a youth pastor. God has placed a passion in my heart for showing students and their families the life changing love of Jesus. In my spare time I love going to the movies with my wife, hiking, and coaching basketball. I also love to debate hot topics such as: “Is the Earth really round?” “Did we really land on the moon?” “Is Marvel really better than DC? (Of course it is, everyone knows that!)”.